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This week I wasn’t feeling the list recommended by The Broke and the Bookish, so I’m going it alone with my own. Hope you enjoy it!

CHARACTERS I’M JUST NOT THAT INTO — even though everyone else is!

10. Elminster

There are several iconic characters from The Forgotten Realms setting.  Drizzt is one I’m very familiar with, but Elminster is another that has stuck around for a long time and has a dedicated following.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.  I don’t hate the guy; it is more that he doesn’t really do anything for me.  Not even sure why.  Guess it is all my fault, for not “getting” him.

9. Atticus O’Sullivan

Atticus is a tattooed dude who lives in Arizona, runs an occult bookshop, cohabitates with his Irish wolfhound named Oberon, and looks like a normal twenty-one year old.  In reality, he is twenty-one centuries old, is the last druid, has a magic sword, fights gods, and entertains bored goddesses when they come around looking for attention. Most readers love this guy. Me, I prefer the dog, because, at least, Oberon acts his age.

8. Daenerys

Whether it be the books or the tv series, I just cannot warm up to this golden girl.  Sure, she had a horrible childhood.  Yes, she has dragons.  I know everyone is trying to kill her or use her.  Maybe that explains her personality, but it doesn’t make me like her anymore.

The Desert Spear
7. Jardir

Lots of people love this guy.  After book two, I concede that he isn’t a traditional bad guy, but rather a man from a different culture who  believes his actions are righteous.  Even so, I’m just not that into him.  Why?  I don’t know.  My gut would be that his belief system is too different from my own, so I see nothing of myself in him.  Does it really matter though?  We just aren’t mean to be.

half a king
6. Father Yarvi

From the beginning of this grimwhine classic, Yarvi and I did not hit it off.  His personality and mine clashed.  Wasn’t his fault, nor mine.  It was really a case of two opposites repelling each other rather than attracting each other.  By the time book two came to a close, I knew the “deeply cunning” Yarvi and myself would not be having lunch again.

5. Linden Avery

Linden shared the spotlight in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and she held her own, especially when contrasted against Covenant’s perpetual attitude and self-loathing.  In The Last Chronicles (What I have read of it, anyway.), Linden isn’t nearly as compelling or interesting.  Not exactly sure why my former fondness for her vanished, but it did.  And so, Ms. Avery finds herself on this list, as I announce to everyone that I’m just not that into her.

4. Eddie and Susannah Dean

Okay, I actually loved these guys as part of Roland’s group, but as individual characters, I didn’t like them much at all.  Wish I had, but it just didn’t happen for us.

3. Vin

Before anyone gets upset with me, I have to say that I like Vin.  She was my second favorite character in this book, but I liked Kelsier a lot more.  No, I haven’t read the other two books of the trilogy.  Sure, Vin might grow into something special, but right now, all I can keep thinking is that I just don’t love Vin as much as other readers do.

the blade itself
2. The Blade Itself

I had unreasonably high expectations for this novel.  Truly, I thought it was the grimdark Lord of the Rings, Logen Ninefingers, Jezal dan Luthar, Bayaz, and Glokta the new Fellowship of the Ring.  But as I read, I found that I didn’t like any of the characters except Glokta, which marked me as a bit odd since everyone else I knew raved about how much they loved the cast of this one.

thorns covers
1. Jorg Ancrath

I love Prince of Thorns.  Five star, once in a lifetime novel for me.  The rest of the trilogy is great as well, even if I have some problems with King of Thorns.  But no matter how much I love the series mine and Jorg’s relationship has always been a problem.  I understand him, sort of; empathize with him, a bit; and  admire his cunning, more than a little.  I don’t like him however, which is weird because most fans of the series seem to adore him.  Guess I’m strange.

There is my list.  Now, it is your turn.  Tell me some characters you must aren’t that into even though everyone else seems to adore them.

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13 Responses to TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. I’m actually not into a lot of the fandoms that my friends are, so I’m not sure where to go with the list. Honestly, the two that come to mind are Batman and Dr. Who. I think several of my friends being disturbingly addicted to Dr. Who made me think it would be greater than it was when I tried it. Batman I’m just plain sick of. I mean Bruce Wayne version though. Batman Beyond is still one of my favorites.

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    • Bookwraiths says:

      Have to agree about Dr. Who. I’ve tried to make myself like it more than a few times, but I never can get into it. As for Bruce Wayne-Batman, I think the hype has gotten too much: too many comic titles, too many movies, too many remakes, too much, too much. I could use a break from the double B too, but I don’t think either of us is going to get our wish.


      • Especially with the new movie coming out where hordes of people are screaming that Batman will win the fight. I made a joke to a friend that Bruce Wayne is a fictional billionaire with real world writers in his pockets. Kind of odd when the human with no powers is becoming less believable than the Amazonian Princess, Fastest Man Alive, and God-like Alien.

        Never heard the term ‘double B’ before.


    • To my eternal shame, I have to agree on Dr. Who (shh – don’t tell anyone!)

      Love the twist on the top-10 😀

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      • I’m finding more and more people are admitting this. Several were fans of the older versions and say the new Dr. Who is too ‘Hollywood’. Wonder if it started taking itself too seriously because of the huge fandom it now has.

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      • Hmm… could be… There was an irreverent silliness that’s no longer there, it seems.


      • It definitely takes itself very seriously and reminds me of other dramatic action series out there. Like it’s the ‘nerd’ that is suddenly running with the cool kids and forgot its origins.

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      • Bookwraiths says:

        Odd that you mention this, because a friend of mine said the same thing about Dr. Who a few days ago. His take was that the show is trying to attract young kids and hipsters, tailoring everything to that age group and thumbing its nose at the older (This guy is early thirties, not ancient in my eyes.) viewers.


      • Sounds like what Marvel Comics is openly doing. The whole ‘Secret Wars’ thing was admitted to being a way to shed their ‘dinosaur readers’. Think a lot of old franchises are starting to do this.


  2. Bookwraiths says:

    Yeah, Batman has become more god-like than anyone, hasn’t he. As for the double B, I made it up, because I was tired of typing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Wendell shorthand, I guess. 🙂


  3. proxyfish says:

    I preferred Kelsier to Vin too. It’s probably because nothing he did ever irritated me but, as much as I love Vin, she did have her annoying moments!


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