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Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

It is always sad when it comes to this.  A book has sat on my shelf until I no longer have any desire to read it.  Sometimes, it is due to my reading habits changing.  Others it is because  I have sampled the authors writing in another story and decided it isn’t for me.  Whatever the reason though, I always feel sad when I completely give up on a book, and here are ten I’ve decided to call it quits on.

black line

the way of shadows10. The Way of Shadows

I bought this book due to the recommendation of some friends.  Even then I was worried about it, because I had read so many negative comments about it.  But I really believe my lack of interest is simply that I’m tired of fantasy assassin/thief stories.  I’m just burned out on them at this point and want a break from them.


last stormlord9. The Last Stormlord 

My lack of desire to dive into this novel is a case of my reading wants not meshing well with the author’s writing style.  Or to put it another way, I read another book by the author and was not overwhelmed by her writing.  Nothing wrong with it.  I’m sure others adore the author.  It just isn’t for me, so why keep trying to force it at this point.


winterbirth8. Winterbirth

Grimdark.  This subgenre and I have had a love-hate relationship for many years now.  Overall, it has been more love than hate, but I’ve found myself growing weary of it lately.  Don’t take that to mean I am now a grimdark hater, because I’m not, but I’ve found myself seeking something a bit more positive and hopefully, as the real world around me sinks into madness.


wizard's first rule7. Wizard’s First Rule

Every so often I’ll pick this book off my shelf, tell myself today is the day to finally give Goodkind a try.  Then all the negative reviews I’ve read over the years will fill my head, and I will quickly place the novel back in its familiar spot and forget about it.  At this point, I’m tired of lying to myself that I’m going to read this book and be one of the few who actually adore it.  Time to pass it along to someone else who has the courage to actually give it a go.


shadow prowler6. Shadow Prowler

Several years ago I read a fantasy book by this author and enjoyed it.  Soon, thereafter, I spotted this novel at my local used bookstore and took a chance on it.  Unfortunately, the story was a bit too generic for my tastes, but I kept the novel, telling myself I’d return to it another time.  That was three-four years ago.  I believe it is finally time to call it quits already.


lamentation5. Lamentation

People have compared this book to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  Guy Gavriel Kay comparisons have abounded.  And several reviewers I immensely respect have given this book/series a huge thumbs up.  But . . . all the hype for this one turned me off.  Every time I read a “hyped” book I get letdown, and the fact so many people hailed this as a genre changing masterpiece has made me not want to read it.

the wheel of osheim4. The Wheel of Osheim

Mark Lawrence is an author whose work I usually love.  The Broken Empire trilogy with Prince Jorg is among my all time favorites, and I can honestly say this series started off great before hitting a huge lull then heating up at the conclusion of book two.  But for some reason I have no desire to see how it all ends.  Even with the huge cliffhanger to start book three, I’m filled with a feeling of meh about the characters journey.  Strange but true.

Imager3. Imager

L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and I have had a pretty rough relationship over the years.  The Magic of Recluce was an okay read, entertaining enough even if it wasn’t especially original or earth shattering in any way.  Every other Modesitt novel I’ve read since has left me rather bored though.  It almost seems like he is telling the same story over and over again.  The only reason I even picked up Imager was reviewers saying how different this series was.  It wasn’t.

the last mortal bond2. The Last Mortal Bond

God how I’ve wanted to fall in love with Brian Staveley’s books.  Sad really when you try so hard to get on a bandwagon only to keep failing.  Honestly, though, the first two books of this trilogy were okay reads, but even with that said, I lost all desire to finish the series once I completed Skullsworn.   That book and I really, really did not hit it off, and my dislike of it has killed any desire I had to revisit these characters.  Sure, I feel guilty for feeling that way, but I still do.

ender's game1.  Ender’s Game 

Nope, it isn’t politics that has caused Orson Scott Card’s most famous novel to be number one of this list.  Rather, I find this type of science fiction Chosen One story fairly boring.  I would probably have loved it when I was a teenager and envisioned myself as a Chosen One, but now my juvenile delusions of self-worthy are far behind me, and I find this sort of tale dull and boring.  It really is as simple as that.


Well, that is the list.  Yes, it was negative.  Of course, I felt bad for putting these book son it.  But, hey, I was trying to be honest.  If you disagree with my choice, please convince me to take it off the list and give it one more try!

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13 Responses to TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. meltotheany says:

    WHY DONT YOU RIP MY HEART OUT MORE WITH #2? Haha, just kidding, love, you and your feelings are always valid! And honestly? This list helped me more than you realize! Amazing picks! ❤ xx


  2. Same here with ‘Winterbirth’ and ‘Lamentation’. I was actually very interested in ‘Winterbirth’ and even got the book and was about to start it a couple of times. I never did though for whatever reason. And then I read bad reviews about the sequel and just gave it away. ‘Lamentation’ I wanted to start as a buddy read with my best friend but it never happened and I guess we both lost interest 🙂

    I only ever read ‘Heart of the Mirage’ by Glenda Larke, which was alright, but couldn’t convince me to pick up the sequel or any other of her work.’The Way of Shadows’ was quite entertaining, but I dnf the sequel and feel a bit like you – over the assassin/thief trope! If it’s the center of the story.

    I felt similar with Brian Staveley! I so wanted to love ‘The Emperor’s Blades’ and was so sure that it’s perfect for me.. I ended up very disappointed and never read anything else by him.


  3. Lit Lens says:

    Okay, so Wizard’s First Rule has not aged well. But it’s still a really fun read! I think it’s worth reading — you just have to ignore some parts!

    I’ve been on the fence with The Way of Shadows too. I hear his writing and female characters improve in his later books, though. I’m hoping to start The Black Prism soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Completely understand not wanting to read The Way of Shadows if you burnt out with the assassins theme. When you’re back up to it though, after sometime off, it really is a great series to check out!

    Sorry to hear that about Staveley though :/ We all have an author that everyone else loves but doesn’t click with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Probably good call on not starting Wizard’s First Rule. It was awful and I had no desire to continue the series after reading it, though I recently tried the first book in his new series and it wasn’t bad, so maybe there’s hope for me and the author. I would highly recommend finishing with The Wheel of Osheim though, I thought as a finale it was amazing! Maybe the excitement will kick in again.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I can totally sympathise with wanting to read something a ‘bit more positive and hopeful, as the real world around me sinks into madness’!

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  7. proxyfish says:

    I actually quite enjoyed The Way of Shadows but agree that it’s easy to get burnt out wiv certain sub-genres.

    I think I also have to willingly accept that my taste will never be “exactly” like anyone else s, no matter how similar!! Shame about Staveley though 😉 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’d be interested to know which of Glenda Larke’s books put you off reading The Last Stormlord because I found the book to be very well-written, and the world building is exceptional. The only real issues I had with the story is that the two child protagonists aren’t nearly as interesting as any of the adult supporting characters, plus the main antagonist is an idiot. Other than that, I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

    I’m also surprised to see Ender’s Game on the list; I think the high regard in which it is held is very much warranted. Funnily enough it is a book I appreciate much more as an adult reader. I think if you decided to give it a shot, it would defy your preconceptions. In my view it is a very though-provoking tale once you look beneath the surface.

    Liked by 1 person

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