Today, the guys in the Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday group have an interesting topic: FAVORITE SPOOKY SETTING!  These can be settings that exist in books or ones you’d like to see in books. You can also use eerie, atmospheric settings. Macabre settings. Eclectic settings.  Anything which you found to be creepy or unsettling.

Okay, fantasy isn’t know for having horrific setting most of the time.  Scary isn’t really the focus of most series out there, but I did come up with a few series where the setting did creepy me out a little from time to time.

the time of the dark5. DARWATH

This portal fantasy starts out fairly tame, then hits the creepy overdrive when our main characters enter the world of Darwath.  There the Dark has risen and are annihilating humanity.  The sudden attacks shocking.  The near invisibility of the Dark frightening.  Humanities helplessness during it all somewhat scary.  Nope, the Dark might not be quite as creepy as the zombies in The Walking Dead, but they and their world are pretty close.


the vagrant4. THE VAGRANT

The world is split into the harsh, demon tainted south lands and the unmarked territory of the Empire of the Winged Eye. In the occupied territory, the taint of demonkind has begun to warp and transform all life which survives.  Strange creatures developing there.  Demons assuming fleshly form.  The whole damn place a freak show illustration of why no one should want demons to take over your world.


the emperor's railroad3. DREAMING CITIES

Zombies.  Weird machines.  Mutant creatures.  Resurrected prehistoric beasts. Post-apocalyptic environment.  Not to mention the silent Dreaming Cities, where the Angels rule over the remnants of a sinful humanity.  This novella series depicting a world which gets creepier and creepier the more you read about — especially those damn angels.  Hate those things.



beyond redemption2. MANIFEST DELUSIONS

Everyone in this series is crazy.  Some worse than others, but all of them out of their minds!  I mean, they have to be, because the magic of this world works by granting the ability to warp reality around yourself according to the strength of your delusions.  And I have to admit that some of the individuals inhabiting this place were creepy as hell.  Honest to God, I couldn’t walk by a mirror the whole time I was reading this one.  (Don’t understand? Read the book.) Loved every minute of my time there though!

The Gunslinger1. THE DARK TOWER

Stephen King just has an innate ability to craft creepy, eerie environments.  He even accomplishes it throughout this long series.  The world having moved on.  Remnants of the worlds before still hanging around.  Robots and other even less savory creatures causing chaos. Reality itself slowly being destroyed.  Roland and his ka-tet having to travel through them all to get to the end of their journey.  Creepy stuff!



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  1. When I saw your topic for this week, I straight away thought about The Dark Tower particularly when they are traveling in Blaine over the wastelands.

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