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The topic this time out is: My Favorite Books I Don’t Dare Reread!

Have you ever had a book which you list among your favorites?  A story which kept you up at night reading, lingered in your memories, and never faded entirely away, but now, years later, you are terrified to reread this beloved book because you are scared what you will find?  Terrified the amazing story you once adored will now turn out to be a sad, boring morass of broken memories?

If you answered “Yes”, then this is a topic for you, because I’m going to list ten of my favorites which I really . . . REALLY can’t bring myself to read out of pure fear of ruining my deep love for them.

10. The Rulers of Hylor

This was a trilogy which I discovered early on in my reading days.  A fairly straightforward fantasy tale which caught my imagination and opened my eyes to the idea there was more to fantasy than just Tolkien.  Now, though, I am terrified to reread it because I’d rather recall it through the lost eyes of my former preteen self.

9. TimeWars

This time travel adventure tale was one of the first SFF series I ever recall reading.  I loved ever second of it.  After growing older, I realize it was a fairly generic story from Simon Hawke, but it still looms as a favorite in my mind due to my fondness for it in earlier years.

8. Tiger and Del

Jennifer Roberson was a favorite fantasy author of mine back in the 1980s and 1990s.  It started with her Cheysuli series and continued with this one.  Sure, I knew the adventures of Tiger and Del were a fantasy rom-com with an action adventure slant, but I loved them anyway. Not sure if I would now or not.

7. Gap

I honestly do not recall very much about Donaldson’s Gap series other than I convinced myself at the time that I liked it.  Why I thought I liked it, I have no idea now.  But I do know I really have very little interest in rereading it for some reason.

6. Dragonlance Chronicles  

As an avid D&D player back in my teen years, this series was like a dream come true.  I loved it.  Couldn’t wait to get my hands on every Dragonlance book which was released.  I still hold it in high esteem, but I’m also terrified to reread it, worried I’ll be disappointed.

5. The Belgariad

This is one of my teen favorites.  I loved this series.  Adored the next one.  Was mesmerized by the prequel books.  It was my personal Harry Potter, if you will. I wouldn’t dare to reread it though, because while it has remained the same I’ve turned into a pessimistic, jaded middle-aged man.  Doubt we’d mesh well anymore.

4. The Histories of King Kelson 

I grew up on Katherine Kurtz’s tales of the Deryni, especially enjoying the ones focusing in on young King Kelson.  Reading about this noble, devoted young man growing up and into his role as a ruler of a great nation was a wonderful way for me (a teenage boy growing into a man) to see how my struggles weren’t so different after all.

3. Riddle-Master 

A classic fantasy story which was beautifully written, emotionally captivating, and filled with more than transparent meaning.  It really harkens back to a more optimistic way of viewing the world, and since I’m older I’m not sure if that would ruin my appreciation of this wonderful story, so I stay away.

2. The Instrumentalities of the Dark

I enjoyed this series, appreciated the historical similarities to 13th century Europe, and value it as another excellent work from one of my favorite authors.  But . . . I really think this is a series which can’t be reread.  The second time through I just don’t know if I would appreciate it as much.


1.  The Riyria Revelations

Now, I really enjoy Hadrian and Royce stories.  The two are truly a great team, and their funny banter and wild adventures always bring a smile to my face.  But — like Glen Cook’s Instrumentalities — I just don’t believe I’d enjoy reading this series again.  The jokes would be stale; the twists no longer surprising; and the fun factor mostly gone.  Hate to say that, but I really think Hadrian and Royce only work the first time around.  At least for me.

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13 Responses to TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. Wow. Love this topic. I think I’d just go with any book I ended up enjoying as a high school assignment.

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  2. C.T. Phipps says:

    I re-read the Dragonlance series three times. While the original trilogy of novels isn’t quite as good as it was the first time around. The Twins Trilogy is every bit as good as it was originally, if not better. I also recommend the Legend of Huma by Richard Knaak. Which, I admit is basically saying only a handful of novels are as good but that’s like the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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  3. Bookstooge says:

    Good choice with the Time Wars. Those things don’t hold up to an adults mind.

    Riddlemaster though. I’ve been doing a McKillip re-read and I’m finding her stuff so much better the 2nd time around, mainly because I can appreciate her writing style and since I’m better read now, can appreciate the foundation on which she is writing.

    I keep thinking about adding the Riyria books to my reading rotation, but I want to wait a couple more years. Either let him end the current Chronicles or just let it end, I’d prefer to wait to see how it stands up.

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    • Bookwraiths says:

      I’ve been following your McKillip reread. I might give Riddle-Master a go sometime, just worried it won’t work for me. And your probably right about letting Riyria end before starting, because if you enjoy Hadrian and Royce you’ll want to dinge read them.

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      • Bookstooge says:

        Have you read any other McKillip? You could always “test run” one of her standalones.
        And if you haven’t, then you should read one of her standalones 😉


  4. H.P. says:

    I reread the original Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy a few years ago. It is still a great story, but, whew boy, is that series a mess.

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  5. savageddt says:

    Belgeraid was a no go reading it as an adult…

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  6. Rebecca says:

    I re-read the first two Riyria Revelations books and while I still enjoyed it, it wasn’t as awesome as the first time through. I’m sure I have a few books that would be terrible upon a reread!

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  7. I tried Jennifer Roberson a while ago but both, the Tiger and Del Series as well as Cheysuli didn’t convince me. Maybe I should have read it when I was younger. Especially Tiger and Del. But I wasn’t into ‘rom-com’ Fantasy anymore

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  8. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Good list of books enjoyed but not considered for a re-read. However, I’ve read Riddle-Master several times over the years and enjoyed it, just to appreciate McKillip’s style.

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