guest-post2Today, I’m happy to have my son, Connor, return to the blog.  Usually when he shows up it is to talk about graphic novels, but today he is giving an update on his GoFundMe.  Anyone who has come by the blog this summer has probably noticed the big link on the sidebar.

borderHi, everyone. I won’t take up much of your time.  Dad just thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know what is going on with my GoFundMe.

First, I wanted to tell the people who were nice enough to contribute to my project that even though I didn’t raise enough money to buy a storage building,  I was able to use the money to buy several bookshelves.  So now the books are sorted and up off the floor. And as you can see I’ve used ever inch of space I could!


Just so you know, there is another bookshelf just outside the picture which is also full as well as a few boxes of books on the floor, but I have been able to clear most of the garage floor which has made it look much, much neater and made my mom A LOT happier.

As for my book company, I had my first $1000 sales month in July.  I didn’t get paid that much.  (I wish!!) But it was really, really cool to sell that many books and be able to save a couple hundred dollars for college.

Future plans are to keep buying books, getting organized, and (if things keep going well) start a business seller’s account on Amazon so I can have my own storefront there, which I’ll link up here if anyone is interested in buying some great books.  I have everything from cookbooks to Christian books to history books to SFF books to romance books.  So there is something for anyone!  

Before I go I would like to thank all the awesome, caring people out there who have taken the time to read this!

batman-V-superman-logoAbout Connor (In his dad’s words):

Connor is a teenager who enjoys graphic novels (DC Comics are preferred!), superhero movies (Avengers Infinity War is his newest favorite.), watching YouTube videos day and night,  will happily accept any and all caps (because you just can’t have too many caps), and whose favorite music right now revolves around 80s hair metal and early 2000s pop-punk.  And, no, Connor did not have any input into my paragraph about him.  Being a dad does have it’s privileges.

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  1. C.T. Phipps says:

    Your son sounds like he’s inherited a lot of great qualities from you!

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