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This week’s topic is a familiar one.  Every year or so it seems I’m looking back at my read list deciding my least favorite books or something along those lines.  Can’t say I want to do another list focusing on all the books I’ve ever read, because probably the same ten books would still be at the top of the charts, so to make this list a bit more interesting, I’m going to look back at the last few years, make a top ten of the . . .


seventh decimate10. Seventh Decimate

As a fan of Stephen R. Donaldson since my early teens back in the 1980s, anytime I’m able to read another fantasy penned by this author is always a good thing — even when I don’t particularly end up liking it.  That doesn’t mean I hated this novel, but it was only okay.  Still glad I gave it a go though.

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the court of boken knives9. The Court of Broken Knives

Weird that this book is one this list.  Ending last year on the Best of 2017 list only to wind up on this kind of list is strange.  Even though, I realized this was merely an okay book for me personally, it is still one I’m very glad I gave a try since it helped me come to terms with my changing reading desires and face them.

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THE DINOSAUR PRINCESS8. The Dinosaur Princess   

Whenever I’m lucky enough to read an epic fantasy with dinosaur riding knights, I feel damn lucky.  Sadly, the story in this third volume of The Dinosaur Lords left me a little disappointed, but the images of lines of dinosaur knights charging across a battlefield toward another group of dino knights was well worth the read.

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RED SISTER7. Red Sister

Even today I feel sad I didn’t enjoy this book.  Mark Lawrence was such a perennial favorite of mine for several years that I was desperately disappointed when this fighting nun story didn’t click with me.  Glad I gave it a go though, because it might have been another Lawrence triumph.

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an alchemy of masques and mirrors6. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors

The great cover drew my attention, while the promise of musketeers, swashbuckling fun, and epic plots sealed the deal.  Sadly, this story and I never hit it off.  Can’t say I’m sad I didn’t love it, since I went in to my read without huge expectations, but it was disappointing that I failed to connect with yet another new series.

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snakewood5. Snakewood

I’m usually a sucker for any fantasy tale which focuses on mercenaries, especially grizzled, old mercs who find themselves pulled back into the fight.  Snakewood didn’t capture my attention though.  Yet again I’m happy I gave it a go, but this one was a book I could not get interested in at all.

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the sorcerer's daughter4. The Sorcerer’s Daughter

I’m not a huge Brooks fan, so I didn’t go into this read expecting a lot, but I did hope it would be a fun, light read like the other volumes of The Defenders of Shannara series.  It wasn’t.  Instead this one was a trainwreck for me personally.  One the bright side though, I did finish reading the trilogy!

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HALF A WAR3. Half a War

It is an understatement to admit Joe Abercrombie and I have not hit it off. I’ve tried four of his books and not loved any of them.  Have to say this was probably my least favorite of the bunch though.  Only positive thing I can say about reading this book is it was the concluding volume of the trilogy, so I get to brag that I finished the series!

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READY PLAYER ONE2. Ready Player One

Everyone seems to adore this book except for me and a small handful of like minded people.  Not sure what others see in Ernest Cline’s story that I do not get, but the truth is I just do not see what is so damn awesome about this one.  Only positive I have about this reading experience was I can say I read it and it sucked.

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hollowworld1.   Hollow World

The main thing I recall about this book was my sheer boredom when reading it.  I guess there was a compelling plot there somewhere, but all I recall is failing to find it buried beneath the preachy narrative with its social commentary.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t read for an author to proselytize to me.  If I wanted that I’d pick a religious organization and attend their worship services.

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Well, that is my list from the last few years.  Sorry if I put one of your favorite novels on here, but, hey, we can’t agree on everything right? Feel free to defend the honor of your novel if it is on here though.  We’d all love to hear why I should reconsider my feelings!

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5 Responses to TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. Bookstooge says:

    Personally, I can’t wait until the Shannara series is completely finished…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. savageddt says:

    Oh no, here I was hoping wife would like the Sullivan, I gave her a copy of hollow world…😖

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karen says:

    The only one I’ve read is RPO. And I did like it but solely for the references/nostalgia. This is a beach read; light read that doesn’t take a lot of attention.

    I appreciated your review of Court of Broken Knives. Most of the blogs Ive read love this. I think my feelings would be similar to yours.

    Liked by 1 person

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