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It’s that time again! Time to highlight some of my favorite fantasy covers!

This time I’m just highlighting a few covers which caught my attention recently.  No real theme. I just really liked these covers when I saw them. In fact, several of the books are from series I’m familiar with and have no interest in reading, but I still need to give them love for the great eye-candy.

If anyone has read any of these book, let us know, because I’d sure we’d all love to know if they are actually worth giving a try.

10. The Demon Shroud by T.A. Miles

demon shroud

9. The Sword of Midras by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriott

sword of midras

8. The Rebels of Gold by Elise Kova

the rebels of gold

7. Shadowborn by David Dalglish

shadow born

6. Numenera: The Night Clave by Monte Cook & Shanna Germain

the night clave

5. The White Song by Phil Tucker

the white song

4. Darien: Empire of Salt by C.F. Iggulden


3. The White Serpent by Tanith Lee

the white serpent

2. Hunter of Legends by Clayton Taylor Wood

hunter of legends

1.  Descent by Stacey Rourke   



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  1. Adam Weller says:

    I’ve read an ARC of Phil Tucker’s “The White Song,” it’s the conclusion to the Chronicles of the Black Gate series (5 books) and it’s fantastic. Action-heavy, fast-paced, memorable characters, cool world-building, floating cities, teleporting demons, and a religion that shapes the geography and population. Super super fun & exciting read.

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  2. Widdershins says:

    I’m gonna go with The White Serpent and The Night Clave. Very powerful imagery. 🙂

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  3. I’ve read the Sword of Midras. It’s based off the video game Sword of the Avatar, so it’s your pretty run of the mill fantasy tie-in, but not a bad one. I also have plans to read Shadowborn. It’s the third book of a trilogy (I think) and I loved the first two books.

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