BANE OF MALEKITHBane of Malekith by William King

Genre: Fantasy — Warhammer

Series: Tyrion & Teclis #3

Publisher: Games Workshop (December 17, 2013)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Length:  320 pages

My Rating:  4 stars

Gritty, bloody, exciting, and insightful, Bane of Malekith wraps up the ongoing saga of Tyrion and Teclis, bringing not only our heroes personal struggles to a conclusion but also the raging war between the High Elves and the Druuchi. William King ending the trilogy on a high note of sword and sorcery adventure at its best.

War rages across the continent of Ulthuan. High Elves and Druchii locked in a struggle to the death. Tyrion finds himself fleeing blindly through the wilderness of Avelorn at the side of the young, inexperienced Everqueen, while enemy forces close in around them. Meanwhile, within the magical halls of the Tower of Hoeth, Teclis discovers an unexpected ally, as well as uncovering unlooked for powers, as he sets out to rescue his twin, no matter the cost. Each of these scions of Aenarion playing an unknowing role in a grand game of strategy between a god and the undying spirit of a legendary High Elf.

Continuing with the now familiar pattern of its predecessors, Bane is driven forward at dizzying speeds by its frantic action and selective introspection of the point-of-view characters. What sets it apart from most action adventure tales, however, is the latter element. Whether it is Tyrion discovering what matters most to him, Teclis recognizing and acknowledging the darkness within, or Malekith balancing both madness and long lost nobility, everyone in this tale deals with issues of personal consequences. These episodes of deep contemplation actually mattering to who and what these legendary people are and will be going forward. And this deft writing by William King truly transforms Bane from merely an exciting Warhammer story into something much more meaningful.

But nothing is perfect, and Bane has its problems. The most significant of which is a seemingly endless pursuit of Tyrion and the Everqueen through the woods of Avelorn, where the struggles of these two quickly turns from gripping to fairly repetitive. This plot line just too long. Much of it able to be jettisoned without the absence harming the overall plot in any way.

The other issue for me was the lackluster battle at the end.  This climactic clash between our title characters and their legendary kin Malekith, the immortal Witch King of Naggaroth, did not getting the attention it deserved in my humble opinion.  Certainly, there was a battle and some dramatic scenes, yet it did not live up to what I was expecting.

Having gone into my read of the Tyrion & Teclis trilogy with little Warhammer knowledge (except for Time of Legends: The Sundering), this was my introduction to the legendary twins of Ulthuan, and I finished the trilogy with a craving for more. William King having succeeded in fanning the flames of my Warhammer fandom to greater heights, as well as turning me into an admirer of his writing. Looks like a rousing success any way you look at it.

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  1. Bookstooge says:

    I”ve got this trilogy as my next Warhammer read. Glad to hear it ends as a 4star for you…

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