booktravelingthursdays5Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Catia and Danielle.  Each week everyone picks a book related to that week’s theme, then you write a blog post explaining explain why you choose that book and spotlight all the different covers from different countries. To find out more check out about BTT go to the Goodreads group!

This week’s theme is: Great Recommendation! You know, a book recommended by a friend which you not only liked but absolutely loved.  This casual suggestion leading to hours and hours of reading enjoyment.

Well, like everyone, I get lots of recommendations.  My real life friends are always talk up their favorite novels of the moment.  Online friends send me recommendations on Goodreads or on this very blog.  And most of them are great suggestions, but only a handful turn into true love on mine and the books part.  But the novel below is one example of a recommendation working out for the absolute best.



This being “original” only in the sense that it is the only cover I could find from 1982, and I believe The Gunslinger was originally published in book form in 1982.


My favorite of this group is the cover to the right.  I really love all of them though.


None of these covers do anything for me.  The top left is just too much bird for me.  The next two are too much Dark Tower.  The top right is too bright .  And the second row has too much creepy, neon colors going on for my tastes, not to mention the images have almost nothing to do with the actual story.

So what do you think?  Agree or disagree?

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  1. Tammy says:

    Yes, that is the original cover. I happen to own that edition, something I’m very glad I bought back when it was “only” about $40:-)

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  2. Bob Milne says:

    Awesome pick. I have the trade paperback with the 2nd of your favorite covers. That’s the definitive one for me.

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  3. I definitely agree with your favorite and least favorite choices. The one with the crow (or raven? I assume crow) always makes me think of Poe, and some of them just look way too cheesy!

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  4. I also read and loved this after my dad recommended it to me. I really like your 1st and 4th cover you’ve shown.

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  5. I like the second one on the left in the group of your favorite covers: the half-seen tower in the background gives a special mood to the picture.

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  6. I love covers for this book that accentuate its “western-ness” – needless to say I agree with all your favorite picks 🙂

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