red-tideRed Tide by Marc Turner

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Chronicle of the Exile #3

Publisher: Tor Books (September 20, 2016)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Length: 544 pages

The Rubyholt Isles is a shattered nation of pirate-infested islands and treacherous waterways shielding the seaboards of Erin Elal and the Sabian League. The Augerans approach the Warlord of the Isles, seeking passage for their invasion fleet through Rubyholt waters. When an Erin Elalese Guardian assassinates the Augeran commander in the Rubyholt capital, the Augerans raze the city, including its Temple of the White Lady. Avallon Delamar, the Emperor of Erin Elal, requests a meeting with the Storm Lords to discuss an alliance against the Augerans. When the Augerans get word of the gathering, strike, in the hope of eliminating the Erin Elalese and Storm Lord high commands. They have not counted on the Rubyholters, however, who come seeking revenge for the destruction of their capital. But the battle lines for the struggle are not as clearly drawn as it might at first appear.

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marc turnerMARC TURNER was born in Toronto, Canada, but grew up in England. He graduated from Lincoln College, Oxford University, in 1996 with a BA (Hons) in Law, and subsequently worked at a top-ten law firm in London. After more than ten years in the legal profession he gave in to his lifelong writing addiction and now works full time as a writer. When the Heavens Fall is his first novel.

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The giveaway is now complete.  Congratulations to Wade McRae from Florida for entering and winning!  I hope he loves Marc Turner’s books as much as the rest of us do.  🙂

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  1. Good thing I collect quotes when I read and add them to Goodreads 🙂

    Here are two:

    “Sometimes memories warm you, but more often they serve only to remind you of things lost. To live with the past, you need to have a future too.”

    “Life or death decided by a hairbreadth. That’s just the way it was.”

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  2. John Smith says:

    “Galantas Galair drew up as he entered the Great Hall. The air was heavy with blackweed smoke and the sour smell of unwashed bodies.” This is certainly an intriguing-sounding beginning to an intriguing-sounding book


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