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The topic this time out is: AUTHORS I’D LOVE TO MEET!

God, this is a difficult question.  Really wish I’d been asked this before the introduction of social media.  Back in those days I had a LONG list of authors whom I wanted to meet.  These days not so much.  (If interested you can read my post Authors Need to Shut Up from 2013 when I first began feeling this way.)  But there are still a handful I can name though.


tiger and del17. Jennifer Roberson

From her Chronicles of the Cheysuli to The Novels of Tiger and Del, most of my teen years and college years were spent reading Jennifer Roberson’s fantasy offerings.  And I’d love to meet someone who gave me so many hours of joy back in the day.

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magician6. Raymond E. Feist

What made Feist’s stories so memorable for me was that I empathized a lot with Pug.  He had potential, but he also had many obstacles in his path to reach adulthood.  Call it a case of me coming-of-age and Pug coming-of-age at the same time, if you will, and so the author who helped me through that difficult time is someone I’d like to meet.

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ELRIC OF MELNIBONE5. Michael Moorcock

Sword and sorcery weirdness that captured my imagination, kept me spellbound for hours, and which still stays with me to this day.  Moorcock might have had limitations as a writer, but he was just what I was looking for when I found my first copy of his books.

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lord foul's bane4. Stephen R. Donaldson

Unlike so many others I still find the Thomas Covenant books to be good reading.  Doesn’t mean I like the main character, but I do believe the author crafted a compelling journey for him.  I’ve also enjoyed most of his other fantasy offers. But it really comes down to the admiration which grew for this author when I was a teen long ago.

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the time of the dark3. Barbara Hambly

As a lifelong fan of her Darwath series and a faithful follower of her writing back in my younger years, I’ve always found most anything that Hambly writes fine entertainment.  Sure, I’ve had issues with a few books here and there, but I’d still love to meet the creator of my second favorite wizard in fantasy.

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Chronicles of the Black Company2. Glen Cook

One of my favorite fantasy authors ever is someone I’d actually be hesitant to meet, because I’d hate to have a bad experience then see my admiration for his writing wane.  That is probably a pessimistic thought, but I’m a realist, so while I want to meet Cook I doubt I’d ever get up the courage to do so.

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Someone who I have no misgivings about meeting is Walt Simonson who appears to be one of the nicest professionals to ever work in the comics industry.  Wonderful artist.  Great writer.  And a person who amazes me to this day with  his great stories.

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the unremembered7. Peter Orullian

This multi-talented author is just a great guy.  He is always positive online.  He interacts with his fans.  Spends time plugging both his writing and music careers.  And let me tell you the guy can sing.  Amazing rock vocalist.  Plus his fantasy writing isn’t bad either.

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promise of blood6. Brian McClellan

As a new favorite author of mine, Brian McClellan has become synonymous with great stories inhabited by memorable characters in an amazing creative world.  If he keeps up this pace of readable fantasy, I see this author soon at the very top of my favorite authors list.

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MISTBORN EU5. Brandon Sanderson

I’m fairly new to the Sanderson bandwagon, but I took my seat after enjoying my initial foray into the author’s epic fantasy The Stormlight Archive.  While the other stories I had by Sanderson read were good, these novels were great, making me look into this classy author’s online behavior.  And, yeah, he’s a legit nice guy.

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beyond redemption4. Michael R. Fletcher

Michael Fletcher is a first class madman, whose maniacal brilliance as an author has led to some disturbingly amazing tales from fantasy to cyberpunk.  Plus the guy is damn funny, entertaining, and someone I’d love to drink and beer with and tell some lies . . . I mean stories about life with.

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prince of thorns3. Mark Lawrence

The author of probably my favorite grimdark of all time is definitely someone I’d love to meet.  My brief online interaction with Mr. Lawrence have always been pleasant; he has always been very helpful and courteous, even when I did not deserve it; and he is a writer I’m sure to be following for years to come.

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traitors-blade-12. Sebastien de Castell

Gentleman.  This author exudes courtesy, wit, and exhibits it even when he disagrees with you on an issue.  If this isn’t enough to make one wish to actually rub elbows with him, the fact he created the modern day Three Musketeers with his Greatcoats series and has went on to wow readers with his Spellslinger books definitely does.

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A GAME OF THRONES1.  George R.R. Martin

Like a multitude of people, Martin has created probably my favorite modern day fantasy series with ASOIF and collaborated on one of my favorite television series ever with A Game of Thrones.  Naturally, I’d love to meet this author, tell him how much I love his work, then give him grief about when the next book will be finished already!

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  1. H.P. says:

    The only authors on this list who I’ve met are Sanderson and McClellan. They are both legit nice guys and classy, if a bit dorky and awkward. The real test of an author to meet is who would regale you with the best tales while you stay up drinking half the night!

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