Welcome to Top Three Thursday! This is a weekly feature I’ve decided to host from this day forward.  A day where I can post a short list on different topics I’ve been thinking about.  The focus this time out is: BOOKS I’M DROPPING OFF THE TBR!

Yes, you read that right.  This week I’m focus on three books which have fallen, fallen, fallen in my esteem to the point that they are about to drop off my voluminous TBR list.

Truly, this is an unusual thing to happen.  I hold onto books like a drowning person holds on to a life raft. But there are times when even I just can’t remember why I wanted to read a certain novel.

But, maybe, it isn’t too late.  Perhaps one of you readers can change my mind.  Make me want to halt my mouse before I hit the delete button and actually give a novel another try.  Give it your best shot!

furies of calderon3. Furies of Calderon – Jim Butcher

I’m almost positive I added this to the TBR list after I finished reading the first Dresden book and a Dresden graphic novel.  At that point, I was in love with Jim Butcher’s writing, so it seemed like a no-brainer to want to get into Butcher’s fantasy series.  My desire to start this series has cooled considerable however, and now I intend to delete i from my TBR list.  Should I?

Purchase Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera) at Amazon

Imager2. Imager – L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

No recollection as to why I added this book to my TBR.  I’m going to guess that I saw this novel somewhere (probably Goodreads), read the synopsis, and decided it sounded pretty cool.  My desire to read it has never really progressed farther than that initial infatuation, so I’m seriously considering jettisoning it.  Good idea or bad one?

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lamentation1.  Lamentation – Ken Scholes

I distinctly remember reading a back-and-forth argument on a review thread over on Goodreads several years ago.  One reader was a huge fan of this book/author, and the other person was not.  Ultimately, the fan’s arguments convinced me that this was a book I needed to try.  Not certain at all about that anymore.

Purchase Lamentation (The Psalms of Isaak) at Amazon


the dwarvesThe Dwarves – Markus Heitz

This is another novel which I distinctly remember being sold on by a Goodreads’ friend.  They spoke about an amazing story which had never been written bore about dwarves and all things dwarven, promising me that if I read this I’d never look at these fierce, stunted fantasy staples the same way ever again.  Did they lie to me?

Purchase The Dwarves at Amazon

the dark glory warThe Dark Glory War – Michael A. Stackpole

All the blame (or praise) for picking this book up and adding it to my TBR sits solely upon my shoulders.  What happened was I found this and the trilogy which follows at a library book sale and bought them all.  Naturally, I got excited to have a whole series to read.  Then I put it up on the shelf and never went back to it.  Should I change that and give it a go?

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  1. Bookstooge says:

    Well, the Codex Alera books are some of my favorites, so I’m a bit biased in favor of keeping Furies of Calderon. Now to be honest, I disliked Harry Dresden from the get go and even though I manfully plowed through 10 or 11 books, I never ended up liking him.

    I’m with you all the way on dropping Imager. I read the first book and really disliked it. Yet it went on to spawn a multitude of sequels. I hope you don’t get sucked in.

    Dark Glory War is a tough call. It is perfect mid-90’s fantasy and if your soul can be young again you’ll probably be able to enjoy it. It ends on a terrible note though, which is deliberate to lead into Stackpole’s next trilogy. That trilogy however, was bad. So bad that Stackpole ended up letting the ending and most of the last half of the series be ghost written with his name stamped on the cover.

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  2. savageddt says:

    The Dwarves series was high on my list for reading, who does not love a good Dwarf novel? But I ended up DNFing it close to the end by being bored with it. Its sad realy the story was ok, but at some places it felt that the work was translated from a different language and that did not help either.

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  3. The only one here I’ve read is Imager, and I can’t say I was overly impressed with it. I think I was very lukewarm on the first one, but was interested enough to try the sequel…. but I DNF’d it nearly halfway through because it was just too boring. The first one could be worth it, but if there are books you’re more excited to read, then I’d just say to skip it.

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  4. I’ve dropped ‘Lamentation’ as well! Just wasn’t interested in it anymore. I’m glad it just sat on my wishlist and I didn’t actually end up buying it.

    The Codex Alera series I dropped after one book. It wasn’t bad. It was okay, but not enough to keep me interested.

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