Welcome to Top Three Thursday! This is a weekly feature I’ve decided to host from this day forward.  A day where I can post a short list on different topics I’ve been thinking about.  The focus this time out is: SERIES I WANT MORE OF!

Certainly, there are a lot of series that I want more of.  Whether it be my dream for Tolkien to keep having unpublished manuscripts found, dusted off, and published or my excitement whenever Barbara Hambly releases another Darwath novella, I have older series I keep loving to love.  But today I’m going to focus on a few recent fantasy offerings which I want more of.

THE GRIM COMPANY3. Grim Company – Luke Scull

Okay, this series is definitely grimdark, which isn’t a genre I’m terribly interested in lately (I’m a bit tired of it, I believe.), but it is among a handful of grims that I still look upon favorably.  Not sure where Luke Scull could go with the series after the last book, but I’d be interested to see.

Purchase The Grim Company at Amazon

SEVENFORGES2. Seven Forges – James A. Moore

From a so-so start, this series grew into a great sword and sorcery story which just begs for James A. Moore to continue on with the saga.  I’ve read in interviews that the author does intend to return to this world, has a few more stories to tell, and I for one can’t wait to see what is in store next.

Purchase Seven Forges: Seven Forges, Book I at Amazon 

when the heavens fall1.  Chronicles of the Exile – Marc Turner

Many readers of this series compared it favorably to Malazan.  Since I’ve never read Erickson and Esslemont’s sprawling fantasy series, I can’t testify that such a comparison is accurate, but I can tell you that I highly enjoyed this complex story, loved all the diverse characters, and was loving how Turner kept building and building upon the previous plot lines.  Great stuff.  Really wish the author would get a chance to finish this epic saga up instead of leaving things incomplete.

Purchase When the Heavens Fall, Book One at Amazon


SKELETON WARRIOR1.  Khraen Saga – Michael R. Fletcher

Okay, there have actually only been two short stories regarding this character, but they are so damn good, so filled with potential that they beg for Michael Fletcher to devote a whole book, trilogy, or series to this undead Khraen.  I heard rumblings one time that the author definitely intended to do so soon.  Anyone heard anything new?

Read it free here and here

romulus buckle 12. Pneumatic Zeppelin – Richard Ellis Preston Jr.

This is probably my favorite steampunk series.  Not that I’ve read very many steampunk books, because I haven’t, but of the ones I have, this swashbuckling story of a post-apocalyptic world with its zeppelins and steampunk culture is tops.  And, sure, Preston has written three books so far, but Romulus’ story is far from over, and I can’t wait to read some more of it.

Purchase Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders at Amazon  

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  1. Bookstooge says:

    Is there any particular reason you haven’t started the Malazan books?

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  2. Mike says:

    Hi Wendell,

    The first book in Khraen’s story–The Obsidian Path–has been written and is in the final (ha!) stages of editing before it gets sent out to publishers in search of a home. It’s a bit different than the short stories, but happens in the same world with the same character. The plan is for it to be a trilogy. Whenever/however it gets published, you’re definitely on the short list for ARCs.

    Liked by 1 person

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