Welcome to Top Three Thursday! This is a weekly feature I’ve decided to host from this day forward.  A day where I can post a short list on different topics I’ve been thinking about.  The focus this time out is: WHY SHOULD I READ THESE!

Yes, you guessed it: a day where someone (maybe you!) can try to convince me to give certain fantasy books/series a try.  But I have to warn you it’s going to be tough to do.  The reason is I’m already leaning toward not reading them.

Wait though.  Don’t give up yet.  I just wanted to warn you to bring your best, give it your all, because there is still a shot at changing my mind.  Obviously, I found these books appealing enough to consider, so there is a small ember of interest which one of you could fan into a flame of desire!

timeless3. TIMELESS  by R.A. SALVATORE 

It wasn’t too terribly long ago (October 2016) when the conclusion to The Legend of Drizzt hit shelves; Mr. Salvatore tying up most of the long running series plot threads and leaving our hero in a place of peace with a new life before him.  But now we have another Drizzt book. *SIGH* At this point, I can’t really care, because I’ve already said my goodbyes to this character and all my other favorites.  Can anyone convince me why I should feel excited about this release?

Purchase Timeless: A Drizzt Novel at Amazon

lady henterman's wardrobe2. MARADAINE by MARSHALL RYAN MARESCA

Mr. Maresca is a damn prolific writer with around 9 Maradaine novels already (or soon to be) in publication.  Obviously, there are loads of fans for his work, lovers of this world and the fantasy characters he has created.  Problem is that I can’t get very excited about diving into any of these stories.  I’ve read reviews of more than a few of them, tried to talk myself in giving one a go, but the descriptions always put me off.  I’m thinking I’m just not the target audience for this series, which is fine, but I decided I’d let you guys try to persuade me otherwise.

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Foundryside RD4 clean flat1.  FOUNDRYSIDE by ROBERT JACKSON BENNETT 

Initially I was pretty excited for this novel: Mr. Bennett having delivered some solid stories with his The Divine Cities series.  Then I started reading the early reviews for this book,, and while those reviews were very positive they left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.  My main problem was that most reviewers talk about what a wonderful job the author did of scientifically explaining his magic system of scrying (i.e. the process of making an item believe it is something else).  While that sounds cool, the actual plot sounds like every other YA fantasy published this decade, which isn’t cool.  Tell me why I’m wrong.

Purchase Foundryside: A Novel (The Founders Trilogy) at Amazon 

Okay, I’ve laid my proverbial cards out on the table, shown my hand, so now take a turn trying to convince me I’m wrong and should be excited about any or all of these three books/series.  I dare you!

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  1. Bookstooge says:

    Sorry, no can do.
    Salvatore should have stopped with Drizz’t.
    Maresca writes middle grade to ya tripe.

    Maybe at some point in the future I can try to sway you towards a book in the post, but today is not that day…

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  2. Tammy says:

    I just finished Foundryside and loved it. It’s a heist story, so yes in that respect it’s familiar. But for me the world building and characters overshadowed the plot. Also it’s not YA.

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  3. All right, let’s talk. Specifically, let’s talk about avocados. (WHAT? Just go with me here.)

    I thought I hated avocado. I just looked at them and thought, “Yeah, I don’t know about that.” Thus I’d order things at Mexican restaurants and ask for no guacamole on the plate. Other people seemed to like it but I stayed away.

    Then I went to this cooking class/tasting event, and part of it, the chef had prepared all sorts of things, including a sample of guacamole. And he’s just there, looking right at me. So I’m like, ok, fine, I’ll try it.

    Friend, now I know that guacamole is on of my favorite things.

    So, since I’m here: Can I entice you with trying the first chapters of A MURDER OF MAGES and HOLVER ALLEY CREW? Two chapter, a mere 31 pages between the two, and if that doesn’t click some buttons for you: fair enough. You gave them a fair try and it didn’t work for you. We shake hands and part amiably. BUT… I hoping they will push something and you’ll want to continue. And if so, you’ll have discovered something new that you’ll love.


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    • Bookwraiths says:

      First, thanks for dropping by. Couldn’t ask for anyone better to convince me to try a book than the author. And, I have to admit you have convinced me to give the books a try. Now, I’m off to Amazon to download the sample chapters.

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  4. HI! I just found your blog through dragons and zombies! This is a fun meme, I’ve looked at all three posts and you are a fantasy king! I can’t even differentiate between all those fantasy types you have listed! (Do you have a post about this?!) I do think Salvatore should have stopped at his final Drizzt book… though it really is one of the only good things he’s ever written (not trying to be harsh here, I find his writing so boring!) I can see why he gave in…

    I’d really like to participate. I’m not your normal reader… I read YA and only read adult fantasy when I’m really loving the premise (I read it a ton when I was a kid so its all kind of backwards!) But I couldn’t find the topics you mentioned…? I looked for a while but it wasn’t tagged with Top 3 Thursday? Hahahaha anyway can you hook me up?! And I’d love to add you to my book meme directory if that’s okay? (Too much pressure?!)

    Anyway you seem like a great person. I’m glad to find your blog. 😀

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