im back

As some of you will have noticed, I’ve been gone for almost three weeks. A nice long breather.  But now I’m back!

For those who are interested, the first twelve days of this hiatus were spent on a family vacation where my wife’s one rule was no social media by anyone in the family.  A rule I supported by cutting myself off from everything (including the blog).

Mainly, this was to stop my sons from spending every minute on instagram, twitch, and whatever other social media they use from day to day, but honestly my wife gets sick of me spending so much time in front of the computer screen — especially on vacations.  So this rule was to force all of us to focus only on the family.

I have to admit I had withdrawals from social media and blogging.  The first couple days were difficult, as I desperately wanted to check my phone or pull out the laptop to share my thoughts about a book, movie, or whatnot.  My wife wouldn’t have it though, holding me to my promise.

After I finally grew accustom to not being connected, I really liked it.  The time just sitting around talking, playing board games, taking hikes in the mountains, and watching movies with my whole family was a breath of fresh air.  So once the vaca ended and I returned home I found it hard to want to reconnect.

Eventually though I grew to miss my time blogging.  The other social media stuff I can’t say I’ve missed (especially Twitter), but spending time talking with my online buddies about books was something I can’t replace.

So, anyway, expect the usual activity on the blog to begin tomorrow.  A return to the exciting, boring, and helpful stuff we try to post here on Bookwraiths.  Can’t wait to talk to all of you again!


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10 Responses to I’M BACK!

  1. savageddt says:

    What great initiative for vacations. Stay of the net, enjoy the views.

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  2. Welcome back. Was the outside world as scary as I’ve heard? 😜

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  3. Welcome back, and congratulations on surviving without the Internet for so long! 😀
    Jokes aside, a little distance now and then can be healthy, indeed…

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  4. Bookstooge says:

    So, who killed your puppy? 😀

    I’m really glad to hear you made that decision to unplug for vacation. Not only did you set the example for your sons, but you gave yourself some time away from us. It was just encouraging to hear.

    Trust you come back with a vengeance…

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  5. /me looks embarrassed…

    …your “rare enforced sabatical requiring apologies and explanations” is my “oh, I needn’t bother posting anything, I posted less than a month ago, that’s basically yesterday!”…

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  6. That is a great idea! Maybe I will do the same on my next holiday and see how I go 🙂 Mr. DZ wouldn’t have any trouble, he’s not a fan of social media accounts and doesn’t have any. But I could see myself having trouble^^ Especially now that I am a little addicted to twitter (help!)

    Good to have you back though 🙂

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