Waiting on Wednesday is a meme I’ve participated in for years which lets readers share their excitement for books coming out soon, and for those who are frequent visitors here, I think this week’s pick will be a little surprising since this isn’t my usual epic fantasy or sword and sorcery.  Anyway, the novel I’m eagerly awaiting is . . .

black line

the midnight frontThe Midnight Front by David Mack

Genre: Fantasy – WWII

Series: Dark Arts #1

Publisher: Tor Books (January 30, 2018)

Author Information: Website|Twitter

Length: 464 pages

On the eve of World War Two, Nazi sorcerers come gunning for Cade but kill his family instead. His one path of vengeance is to become an apprentice of The Midnight Front—the Allies’ top-secret magickal warfare program—and become a sorcerer himself.

Unsure who will kill him first—his allies, his enemies, or the demons he has to use to wield magick—Cade fights his way through occupied Europe and enemy lines. But he learns too late the true price of revenge will be more terrible than just the loss of his soul—and there’s no task harder than doing good with a power born of ultimate evil.

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  1. Bob Milne says:

    WWII sorerers, eh? Could make for an interesting read . . .


  2. As long as it isn’t Nazi zombies, I fine with another WW2 re-telling 😀

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  3. Apparently the author also writes great Star Trek novels/fiction, I’m interested to check this one out!

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  4. Well, WWII is a seldom-visited background for this kind of story – at least in my experience – so I think I will give this one a chance… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  5. proxyfish says:

    This sounds like a good read – I love the premise of Nazi sorcerers during WW2! Definitely added to the list 😀


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