Another week begins.  I quickly slip into my business suit and head back into the office to save a few innocent people. But while I try to fool myself into being excited about the promise of a new year and the continuation of the regular grind, deep down, I’m not, so I’m going to escape dreary reality by reading some great books.

Summer is in full swing around my house.  Kids out of school.  Wife planning trips and activities.  Family bickering when they are not entertained enough.  And while all that is normal, it makes finding a few hours to sit down with a good book difficult, but I will keep at it, because, otherwise, I will get even further behind than I already am.


Evil Is A Matter of Perspective edited by Adrian Collins

evil is a matterGenre: Fantasy

Series: Anthology

Publisher: Grimdark Magazine (June 16, 2017)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Length: 522 pages

Experience your favourite fantasy worlds through some of the most fearsome, devious, and brutal antagonists in fantasy. Villains take centre stage in nineteen dark and magical stories that will have you cheering for all the wrong heroes as they perform savage deeds towards wicked ends. And why not? They are the champions of their own stories—evil is a matter of perspective.


R. Scott Bakker (The Second Apocalypse)
Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt, The Tiger and the Wolf)
Michael R. Fletcher (Manifest Delusions)
Shawn Speakman (The Annwn Cycles)
Teresa Frohock (Los Nefilim)
Kaaron Warren (The Gate Theory, Mistification)
Courtney Schafer (The Shattered Sigil)
Marc Turner (Chronicles of the Exile)
Jeff Salyards (Bloodsounder’s Arc)
Mazarkis Williams (The Tower & Knife)
Deborah A. Wolf (The Dragon’s Legacy)
Brian Staveley (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne)
Alex Marshall (Crimson Empire)
Bradley P. Beaulieu (The Song of the Shattered Sands, The Lays of Anuskaya)
Matthew Ward (Shadow of the Raven, Coldharbour)
Mark Alder (Banners of Blood)
Janny Wurts (The Wars of Light and Shadow, The Empire Trilogy)
E.V. Morrigan (Glyph War world)
Peter Orullian (The Vault of Heaven)

Purchase the book at Amazon

elsewhereElsewhere by Barbara Hambly

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Darwath Short Story

Publisher: Self Published (April 20, 2015)

Author Information: Website

Length: 45 pages

A novelette sequel to Hambly’s Darwath series.

The builders of the ancient Keep of Dare communicated with other Keeps via a transporter – whose instruction manual unfortunately did not survive the centuries. Thus, Archmage Ingold Inglorion – the only trained wizard in the Keep – and his warrior-woman partner Gil Patterson of California find themselves in what they suspect is an unknown world, with no idea how to return home, while an army of deadly ghosts starts to appear within the Keep itself.

Purchase the novelette at Amazon

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