Earlier today, I posted my Top 5 Geisteskranken, but the Doppels were not completely satisfied with my picks (Those guys can get so damn picky at times.), which is why they instructed me to go directly to the source of their madness: Michael R. Fletcher.

fletcher-madnessAfter much begging, pleading, and more than a few threats from my Doppels, Mr. Fletcher was more than willing to manifest some of his delusions for your reading pleasure.  Sure, he had to don the robe and cool glasses to get into the right frame of mind, but, eventually, the madness took hold and his list materialized before my eyes.  So with that I (and my Doppels) encourage everyone to sit back and enjoy this list from the Master of Madness himself!


The mad Wraith of Books has demanded my top ten favourite Geisteskranken (delusionists) and I must obey!

Realistically, this list changes depending on who/what I’m writing. But at this very moment…

10) Mirrorist (Catoptrophobia)

mirror-mirrorSome believe the reflection in a mirror is someone other than themselves. Some Mirrorists believe their reflections know things, can see the future, or travel freely between different mirrors (useful for long distance communication). Others believe mirrors are portals to other worlds or dimensions. Some Mirrorists fear their reflections are trying to escape where others fear their reflections are trying to drag them into the mirror.

9) Körperidentität

Body Integrity Disorder: The belief life would be so better as an amputee. The feeling is accompanied by the actual urge to amputate one or more healthy limbs to actually follow through on those feelings.

8) Befallen

(Ekbom’s Syndrome): Believe they are infested with parasites, bugs, or insects crawling on or under the skin.

7) Kleptic

(Kleptomaniac): Are compelled to steal things (usually of little or no value). They are often not even aware they’ve committed the theft.

6) Getrennt

depersonalization(Depersonalization Disorder): Disconnected from one’s body, detached from own thoughts and feelings. Disconnected from reality. These folks often feel as if they live in a dream state (some will deny reflection in a mirror is theirs, and can be confused with Mirrorists. Some have out-of-body experiences. Depression, low self-esteem, panic attacks, self harm, and extreme phobias often result. Some feel as though time is ‘passing’ them by and they are not in the notion of the present. Getrennt are also often comorbidic and suffer from Unwirklichkeit (Derealization). Typically caused by: traumatic experiences including childhood abuse, accidents, natural disasters, war, torture, panic attacks and bad drug experiences. People who are diagnosed with depersonalization also experience an almost uncontrollable urge to question and think about the nature of reality and existence as well as other deeply philosophical questions. (from wikipedia).

5) Dysmorphic

(Dysmorphic Syndrome): These folks are overly worried about a perceived defect in their physical features. They want to look different so badly their appearance actually changes. Due to their obsession, they are unable to see the changes and still think themselves defective. Many believe they are so unspeakably hideous they are unable to interact with others. This will eventually spiral out of control. Most Dysmorphics eventually withdraw from society and end in suicide. Many become abnormally thin, muscled, large-breasted, or exaggerated specimens of physical perfection…in one area.

4) Hassebrand

(Pyromaniac): Set fires as an outlet for their repressed rage and loneliness.

3) Doppelgangist

doppel(Syndrome of Subjective Doubles): Believe a double (called a Doppel) of themselves is carrying out independent actions. It is possible for a powerful Doppelgangist to manifest more than one Doppel. Doppels are aspects of the original person’s personality. Sometimes parts of themselves they hate, or manifestations of who they wish they were. Sometimes Doppels appear as exact copies of the original, whle others can manifest as twisted versions or even look like completely different people–depending on the delusions of the insane. In outward appearance Doppelgangists and their Doppels can be mistaken for Mehrere as both manifest as multiple people. Mehrere, however, are true schizophrenics and suffer from multiple–and often completely different–personalities.

2) Cotardist

(Cotard’s Syndrome): Believe they are dead. Often combined with the belief they are rotting or missing internal organs.

1) Gefahrgeist:

sociopath(Sociopath): Sociopaths have limited ability to feel for the pain and suffering of others. They are driven by their need to achieve and rule in social circles. Sociopaths make such great characters! I love trying to get into that frame of mind, writing a character who is continually looking for a way to spin every encounter to their advantage.

Hope you enjoyed yet another installment of the Manifest Delusions Madness.  Keep checking back for even more demented fun!

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