booktravelingthursdays5Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Catia and Danielle.  Each week everyone picks a book related to that week’s theme, then you write a blog post explaining explain why you choose that book and spotlight all the different covers from different countries. To find out more check out about BTT go to the Goodreads group!

This week’s theme is: Sword and Sorcery! That is the theme I picked anyway.  This week was actually set aside as “Choose a book from one of your favorite genres!” week, so I decided to give a little love to S&S.

Many times I agonize over what selection to make in this meme, but this week I had no problem, because, for me, Robert E. Howard’s Conan was the only choice I could make to represent this genre.



Classic cover from around 1967.  Not my favorite cover, but it certainly captures the look and feel of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories.



Both these covers are good ones to me (though I definitely prefer the one on the left.)  The combat scene cover really grabs your attention with the brilliant reds and the ferocious nature of our heroes fight captured up-close.  On the other hand, the black and white cover is very unique and eye-catching, depicting the mysterious, magical nature of sword and sorcery tales, especially the Hyborian Age.  Can’t go wrong with either cover in my opinion.


I always tend to use the same descriptive term when explaining my least favorite covers, but I have to use it again when talking about the above four: generic.  Nothing really exciting about any of them.  Nothing unique.  They are all typical fantasy sword and sorcery covers.  Honestly, you could put any name on them, and they would immediately cease being Conan covers and become the new character.  I don’t like generic covers, so I’m lumping these four together here.

So what do you think?  Agree or disagree?

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  1. Love that first cover. I have a compilation of some Conan books and it’s in there. Trying to remember the story name though. Really wish they could make more movies or another cartoon.

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