booktravelingthursdays5Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Catia and Danielle.  Each week everyone picks a book related to that week’s theme, then you write a blog post explaining explain why you choose that book and spotlight all the different covers from different countries. To find out more check out about BTT go to the Goodreads group!

This week’s theme is: FAVORITE AUTHOR! With National Author’s Day having just passed, choose a book by your favorite author.

I have several authors who I follow; their newest releases on my must read list.  But there are a handful of writers whose works I have been reading my whole life, and Glen Cook is one of those for me, his series The Black Company among my all-time favorites, so I cannot think of a better book to pick than the book which started it all.



The cover of the book which I read many years ago.  Honestly, I never particularly liked it, even though it was a fairly accurate depiction of the character Soulcatcher.


These three covers capture the essence of The Black Company in my opinion: mercenary troops at war.  Each artist depicting the brutality and violence of this world in a different way, yet still keeping the images true to the spirit of Cook’s story.  And while I have always loved the cover on the left, produced by Raymond Swanland, the cover on the right with the lone soldier is really growing on me.


I know that is a lot of “Least Favorite Covers”, but in my defense, there were so many less-than-great covers to choose from that I could not pick only a couple. Each of the examples I’ve given above suffering from one of two problems: generic sword and sorcery image or not related to the story itself. Both of which means I found them wanting.

So that is my Book Traveling Thursdays: Favorite Author Edition. Agree or disagree with my covers selections?  Have another one I should not have left off?  Let me know.

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