guest-post2Today, I have the honor of turning the blog over to my preteen son, Connor, who has kindly written up a review of a graphic novel he just finished.  This is his first review anywhere, but if people enjoy his thoughts, he has promised me that he will try to contribute more often — as his busy schedule allows.


vibeVibe, Vol. 1: Breach
 by Geoff Johns.

Genre: Superhero Comics

Series: Vibe #1

Publisher: DC Comics (July 29, 2014)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Length: 232 pages

My Rating: 3 stars


My favorite t.v. show right now is “The Flash.”  My favorite character (other than Barry Allen aka The Flash) is this guy named Cisco Ramon, who later becomes Vibe.  So I when I wanted to know more about him and his whole story, I went to my local library, found this New 52 book, and started reading all about Cisco.  I know it isn’t just like the t.v. show, but it’s close enough for me.

cisco the flash

Okay, before I start, I have to tell you that you really need to read Justice League of America, Vol. 1 to understand the beginning of this story.  If you haven’t done that, go do that before you even pick this one up.

Anyway, here there are three brothers named Armando, Dante and Cisco.  When the brothers get caught in one of Darseid’s boom tubes, it kills Armando, leaving the other brothers all alone.

boom tube

A few years alter, Cisco is a teenager with a job selling computers, and Dante is a guy who doesn’t care about having a job and only cares about wasting money.  The two not getting along very well and not wanting the same things in life.  Then things change in a big way for Cisco.  A guy from A.R.G.U.S. named Agent Gunn taking him to a house where a “breacher” is located.  This thing attacks Cisco, causing his vibration powers to kick in.  Our teenager’s life changed forever!

bive justice league of america

One thing I really liked about the book was the twist and turns in the story.  How Geoff Johns made you think all the surprises were over only to have another one happen.  I also really liked Cisco.  Not as much as the Cisco on t.v., but he is still great.  What I really liked was how he is just a kid who wants to do the right thin but keeps screwing up somehow.

I can’t really think of anything bad to say.  It was a good book.  Maybe not the best, but really fun to read.  So I hope this review encourages everyone to read this book, and I really hope you liked this review.  Remember, you need to read Justice League of America, Vol. 1  before this, because Vibe is in that book and it tells more information about him that the author assumes you already know.  So good luck!

vibe lego


Contributed by Connor Adamsborder

batman-V-superman-logoAbout Connor (In his dad’s words):

Connor is a preteen who enjoys graphic novels (DC Comics are preferred), superhero movies (Captain America is his favorite), watching episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and American Pickers as well as the NFL, NCAA football, and the NBA on t.v., will happily accept any and all caps (because you just can’t have too many caps), and whose favorite music revolves around pop favorites of the moment such as Cake by the Ocean (Clean version because dad is still alive) as well as anything by Fall Out Boy.  And, no, Connor did not have any input into my paragraph about him.  Being a dad does have it’s privileges.  🙂

Purchase the book at Amazon.

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  1. MightyThorJRS says:

    Awesome job! Congrats!

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  2. Rosie Amber says:

    Well done, great to see new reviewers.

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  3. Welcome to the blogging world, Connor! Great post 🙂

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  4. That’s so awesome! Best guest reviewer ever, great job, Connor!

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  5. Well done Connor 🙂

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