return to bryn mairwyn

Return to Bryn Mairwyn by                                                       Jennifer Selzer & Daniel Huber

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Series: Stand Alone Short Story

Publisher:  TwoFold Press (July 14, 2013)

Length:  25 pages

My Rating: 3 stars

Return to Bryn Mairwyn is a beautifully written contemporary fantasy; a brief snapshot into a shadowy part of the real world, where ancient beings mingle among normal humans but are never recognized for what they really are.  Mysteries and an ancient past are hinted at, but never fully revealed, leaving a reader begging for more.

As the lights come up, a reader is confronted with the mysterious predicament of Desmond McKenna.  This middle-aged gentleman returning home to northeastern England after an extended absence. His mind filled to overflowing with loneliness, sadness, and desperation.   His thinly veiled intention to end his life back where it began, fading away into the blessed hereafter.

What has driven Desmond to this point?  Why is he determined to return to this place before doing the unthinkable?  Why does he feel so alone?  Where are his friends and his family?  And why does he feel so alien to all those around him?  There are so many questions begging to be answered.

And just when all seems dark, a single ray of light pierces the gloom surrounding Desmond.   His old friend Clarence appearing, filled with optimism and encouragement; his words slowly forcing Desmond to vocalize his feelings, second guess his desire to die.  The appearance of another character only augmenting this growing sense of a final decision for the confused Desmond.

A moody, mysterious piece, Return to Bryn Mairwyn was an nice, enjoyable read which took me by surprise.  A wonderful appetizer, if you will, for a larger story about Desmond and his true people.   And if there is such a tale, please send me a link to it, because I’d love to pick it up.


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