SW Legacy 1Star Wars Legacy, Vol 1: Broken by John Ostrander

Genre: SciFi – Star Wars Expanded Universe

Series: Star Wars Legacy #1

Publisher: Dark Horse (May 15, 2007)

Length: 144 pages

My Rating: 4 stars

I’m a Star Wars fan.  Have been since 1977.  But it really was the Expanded Universe books and comics which kept the flames of my fandom alight when the long periods in between new movies threatened to extinguish them.  One of the coolest of these EU stories has to be SW Legacy.

Set over a hundred years after Return of the Jedi, the universe is a familiar but different place.  A new Sith Order has arisen.   A new Jedi Order has been created to help maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy.  A new Empire with a new Emperor fights the Sith and Jedi as well as the remnants of the New Republic for control of the galaxy.   Every damn thing is new, even the Skywalker who is caught up in the galactic events transpiring.

And what a Skywalker we have in Cade.  This guy is tattooed, pierced, foul-mouthed, and thoroughly un-Jedi-like.  His main occupation is smuggling and bounty hunting to get credits to fuel his death stix habit.  And he could give a shit less whether the Sith rule the galaxy or the New Republic or whomever.  All that Jedi and politics stuff is not Cade’s thing, man.  There are ladies to see, drugs to be done, and creds to be made.

cade skywalker


To some of you that description of Luke’s descendant might sound sacrilegious.  He definitely isn’t like his forefathers — even Anakin.  In fact, he isn’t even Han Solo, because Cade is far more jaded and sour than old Han ever was.  But somehow the creative team makes it all work. . . at least, in my opinion, they do, turning Cade Skywalker into exactly the sort of jaded protagonist I love to read about. Nope, he and I probably wouldn’t be friends, but he does lead a damn interesting life.

But while Cade is the star of the show (He is a Skywalker afterall!) there are lots of people inhabiting this new galaxy.

In one corner there is Imperial Emperor Roan Fel of a breakaway Empire with his lightsaber wielding guardians.  In another is the New Sith Order, comprising a multitude of Sith, and ruled over by their Lord Krayt, who also is the head of another empire centered on Coruscant.  The third is filled by the remnants of the New Republic, reduced yet again to a mere revolutionary force.  And here and there the remaining Jedi appear, drifting from hiding place to hiding place after a horrible defeat at the hands of the Sith.

Honestly, there is a host of characters here; each with their own motives and objectives, crossing paths with one another as huge events transpire and future ones are foreshadowed.  My favorite of them all is Nyna Calixte, Director of Imperial Intelligence, whose story grows more and more complex, but I really found them all itneresting in their own way, though the Jedi aren’t terribly exciting. Well, the live ones anyway; the dead ones are actually pretty cool.


As for the art, it really is great.  I have to admit being a big Jan Duursema fan since I was a teenager, so whatever she does is great with me, but it is especially top notch in this collection.


Honestly, this is a great series (even if it isn’t canon anymore).  One which takes the best elements of the Star Wars movies (originals and prequels) and creates something unique and different.  All without resorting to reusing the same story lines, environments, and character types (like The Force Awakens does, in my opinion).  Plus, it is just wickedly fun to read.  So give it a try.

Purchase the book at Amazon.

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  1. This sounds pretty epic. Maybe I’ll have to check this out. Still, annoys me Disney threw out the Star Wars canon. The Thrawn Trilogy rocked.

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  2. james says:

    I really did like this series with my only complaint being the made-up words that were so very cringeworthy and messed up the dialogue.


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