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the name of the wind10) Read The Name of the Wind

Every year I attempt to try a few of the current “must read” or “hyped” novel in the scifi/fantasy genres.  While I usually do not like them nearly as much as my friends tell me I will, I keep trying, and this year Patrick Rothfuss’  much loved book is in my sights.

Yeah, I know I’m probably setting myself up for yet another disappointment, but everyone else loves it, so I will too, right?

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shadow of the torturer9) Read some classic scifi/fantasy.

Another yearly goal of mine is usually to read, at least, a few classic works from the scifi and fantasy genre.  Even though I’ve been reading for most of my life, I’ve missed, overlooked and ignored lots of great novels.  It only makes sense to go back, pick those oldies up, and give them a try.  And, unlike the “must reads” of the here and now, I tend to enjoy these older books, so there is a great chance I’ll uncover some new favorites.  And this year I’m starting it with some Gene Wolfe.  Wish me luck.

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star wars expanded universe8) Star Wars EU: Finish It

I’m a lifelong fan of Star Wars.  Loved the movies and have read lots of SW comics and books in the EU, especially those with my favorites characters: Luke and Leia, Han and Chewie, R2 and C3P0 in them.  While I’m glad so many people adore the new SW movies, unfortunately, I’m not one of them.  And so to get my SW fix, I’m planning on tracking down all the EU books I haven’t read and enjoying them, never once criticizing the awesome job George Lucas did creating and managing this universe.

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burndown chart7) Backlist Burndown: Do It

My to-be-read shelf at home is bursting with books, but I never find the time to read them.  It has gotten so bad, in fact, that I’m running out of room for the new novels I’m buying.  This year the backlist burndown commences with that t-b-r pile going down, down, down!


gardens of the moon6) Try The Malazan Empire series

Like many of my friends tell me all the time, I’m a huge fantasy fan who has never even tried Malazan.  Yeah, I know that looks really bad on me, but I have excuses.  I’ve been raising a family.  My work takes up all my time.  I don’t have the excess spare time to invest in such a huge series.  All good excuses, you have to admit, but this year I am determined to give this immense epic a go.  Please God help me!

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5) Introduce more people to indie works


Self-publishing is here to stay – has been for a while, actually.  We’ve all read the good and bad points of the self publishing revolution, and I’m not here to argue one way or another, but I am going to admit that I love shifting through all the crap until I find a great book.  What I love even more is telling others about them, which is why Indie Wednesday will continue to have a dedicated place in my blogging.

the lies of locke lamora4) Sample Gentlemen Bastard 

Since I started back reading scifi and fantasy three years ago, there are a few authors whose names are always whispered in my ear as the ones I have to read NOW.  Most of these writers I’ve tried, but not Lynch; now, though, it is his turn.  However, unlike The Name of the Wind and Malazan (both of which I’m terrified to start for numerous reasons), I actually want to read  The Lies of Lacke Lamora, but never find the time.  This year I will!

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3) Complete the Scifi/Fantasy Book Clubs 2016 Challenge

I have to admit I’m not a book club kind of guy. Sure, I enjoy writing reviews and having a conversation in a comment section, but a deep conversations which sometimes gets heated regarding a book isn’t my thing.  But this year, I’ve committed to participating in my Goodreads groups yearly reading challenge, and I intend to live up to my commitment!

2) Finish off series I’ve started but never completed

the blade itself

I have a bad habit of starting series then beginning another before I’ve finished with the last.  Nothing wrong with reading several books at the time except I struggle to ever return to finish anything.  And I really need/want to go back this year and finish off some series.

Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.  Instrumentalities of the Night.  The Riyrian Revelations.  Mistborn.  The First Law.  Those are just a few series which I have to finish off this year.  Hopefully, I can make the time.

  1) Re-read Books 1-8 of Wheel of Time and finish the series


Nope, I’ve never finished this series.  At one time, it was in my top five favorite fantasy series ever.  That was back in 1999 and just before I read The Path of Daggers.  After reading  almost 700 pages of nothing happening, I had enough and never tortured myself anymore.  Now, the series is finished, and I’d like to see how it ends.  Wish me the best.

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14 Responses to TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. Good luck with Wheel of Time. Never read it since the books were massive and the series was unfinished when I had more reading time. I have heads that it has a lot of nothing in later books, but it ended strong.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @lynnsbooks says:

    I’ll definitely second reading Lynch and Rothfuss. And, I also need to try the Malazan books – in fact I bought the first quite a good while ago 😦
    And I’ve also bought the First Law series which I need to get on to.
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, the First Law trilogy has been sitting on my reader for TWO YEARS now! I keep telling myself I need to start, and then some other book distracts me… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookwraiths says:

      I read book one in 2015 and wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but because everyone raves about it, I think I should, at least, finish the rest of the trilogy before swearing off Abercrombie.


  4. proxyfish says:

    I’ve just bought Gardens of the Moon so I’m ready to start my long Malazan journey! I loved The Name of the Wind – Hope you enjoy it!!

    I was blown away by The First Law when it came out… I wonder what I’d think if I read it for the first time now. Pretty sure I’d still love it though 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rob says:

    I keep meaning to read the Wikipedia synopsis on the last three Wheel of Time books, but I can’t even bring myself to do that now, heh. I just can’t see myself ever getting back to them (although I do have a friend who did what you’re planning and loved it, so I’m sure it’s probably worth it).


    • Bookwraiths says:

      I’m terrified of actually starting WoT again. Even if the last books are great I’m afraid all the fluff will completely sour me on the whole thing.


      • Rob says:

        I loved those first five books, so worst case scenario is you revisit some great stories and then fall off the series again I guess. Who knows, maybe I’ll come around on it eventually. Every time someone talks about it I do get the craving to go back…

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  6. samoak says:

    A huge yest to burning down the backlist. That’s one of my goals for this year as well. It’s getting a little out of control and I don’t have all that much room in my apartment.

    I completely forgot about Patrick Rothfuss! I might need to make him one of my “new to me” authors for 2016.

    Good luck with all your reading resolutions for this year.


  7. Jimmy Poore says:

    Malazan and the wheel of time are must reads in my opinion. Even if you don’t like them they are 2 of the greatest epics of all time. Tolkien, Martin, Erikson and Jordan ! Bakker possibly coming to this list. Name of the wind was good, not my cup of tea. I feel like there’s a lot of other works deserving of the praise and hype that series gets. First law was fun and entertaining. Didn’t like any of his other works. He s an author I always feel like I’m trying to like his work more than I actually do. Sort of the same with Scott lynch. Rothfuss , lynch and abercrombie have found a niche, and they run with it and people love their work for it. But their stories don’t feel like they hit all the marks like the first authors I mentioned.

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