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The book gods were very good to me this week as Marc Turner and the good people over at Tor Books sent me an advanced reading copy of book two of The Chronicle of the Exile.

dragon hunters
Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Chronicle of the Exile #2

Publisher: Tor (Expected Publication February 9, 2016)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Length: 496 pages

“The sequel to When the Heavens Fall features gritty characters, deadly magic, and meddlesome gods.

Once a year on Dragon Day the fabled Dragon Gate is raised to let a sea dragon pass into the Sabian Sea. There, it will be hunted by the Storm Lords, a fellowship of powerful water-mages who rule an empire called the Storm Isles.

Emira Imerle Polivar is coming to the end of her tenure as leader of the Storm Lords, but she has no intention of standing down graciously. As part of her plot to hold on to power, she instructs an order of priests known as the Chameleons to sabotage the Dragon Gate. There’s just one problem: that will require them to infiltrate an impregnable citadel that houses the gate’s mechanism — a feat that has never been accomplished before.

But Imerle is not the only one intent on destroying the Storm Lord dynasty. As the Storm Lords assemble in answer to a mysterious summons, they become the targets of assassins working for an unknown enemy. And when Imerle sets her scheme in motion, that enemy uses the ensuing chaos to play its hand.

Purchase the book at Amazon.

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  1. The cover design has greatly improved from the first book! The Titan Book version was good, but I wasn’t a fan of the buildings and fog look Tor did. Can’t go wrong with dragons! 🙂

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  2. mightythorjrs says:

    Very awesome! I am starting When the Heavens Fall now. Can’t wait!


  3. Nice one! I am definitely going to give Marc Turner another go, though for book two I am thinking I might try the audio.

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