rise of the sun god
Rise of the Sun God by Jim Melvin

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Death Wizard Chronicles

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Author Information:Website

Length: 16 pages

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

A short peak into Jim Melvin’s Death Wizard Chronicles, Rise of the Sun God is a story that focuses on Invictus, the vile foe of Torq the Death Wizard. (For those interested in the hero Torq, see my review of The Black Fortress.)

Before he rises to the position of Evil One of the land, Invictus is a young man born to ordinary parents. Naturally, they love their son and are amazed by his magical powers, but the horrifying evilness which he displays very early in life leave them terrified of him. So much so, that when his demonic grandmother abducts him and raises him as her own, Invictus’ parents are filled with relief, not pain.

Years pass. The would-be sun god matures into his divine-like powers. Those who make the mistake of trying to control him he destroys. Nothing is beyond Invictus. Yet there is only one thing that he want. One thing he longs for. One precious being of innate goodness that he must have: his sister!

Yes, after their sons abduction, Invictus’ parents have another child. A beautiful girl gifted with powers like her older brother, but brimming with goodness in equal measure to his vileness. And when the young wizard discovers her existence he begins to stalk her, studying her, cultivating her trust until it is time to possess her body and soul!

This is my second foray into the Death Wizard’s world. Both times I’ve desperately wanted to fall in love with Jim Melvin’s fantasy series, but each time it just has not worked out. And with Rise, the reason is very simple: I hate Invictus.

Okay, I know that explanation is too simplistic for a review. It is the truth though. I just really dislike the main character here. And not even in that Jorg Ancrath-way, where I can understand why Jorg has turned into a sociopath, but hate all the vile things he does. Nope, Jorg has more redeeming qualities than Invictus. The young sun god is all evil, all the time, which left me rather bored with his story. Honestly, all I wanted was for someone to decapitate him already, so I could move on. Not the best mindset for a reader to have in a short story.

Even with that being said, I readily admit that Rise of the Sun God is a well written short story, filled with evil introspection and sprinkled with a bit of mystery and action. Fans of The Death Wizard Chronicles will probably love it. Those who appreciate vicious, evil-to-the-core characters will, no doubt, find in Invictus a worth object of attention. But if you don’t fall into either of those groups, this story might not be for you.

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  1. That is some serious 80s hair! I do love me some evil characters, but I can’t enjoy a book if I hate them. I have to find some reason to still root for them or be amused by them if they are the central character.


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  3. Like you, one-dimensional characters bore me fast. I think I’ll skip this one 🙂


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