solstice day
Solstice Day Gifts by Lindsey Buroker

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Emperor’s Edge #7.5

Publisher: Self published (December 2, 2013)

Length:15 pages

Author Information:Website | Twitter

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

After toppling an empire, what can the leader of a group of secretive operatives and its deadly assassin do for relaxation?

Well, in Lindsay Buroker’s The Emperor’s Edge series, they take a cruise to a tropical island for some well deserved rest, relaxation, and romance. At least, that is what Amaranthe has in mind for herself and her significant other, Sicarius, as this short story begins.

There is only one problem: on this island vacation spot, Sicarius is still a criminal, whose portrait graces numerous wanted posters all over town!

Should this war-weary couple flee back to the stuffy confines of their two person submarine, showing utmost caution as Sicarius suggests, or should they cast their cares into the sea, do a little shopping, find a cozy beach cottage for two, and have a little quality playtime with one another as Amaranthe wishes?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m not going to tell you what they decide. You have to read this one to find out for yourself.

As those that are familiar with The Emperor’s Edge series know, it is a rather campy fantasy series that doesn’t take itself seriously, so when you pick up one of these stories, you need to go into the read not expecting serious, grimdark literature. And “Solstice Day Gifts” is a great example of Lindsay Buroker’s light-hearted approach to fantasy, as she crafts a very short, very satisfying romantic comedy with enough action and funny moments to keep even an action guy like me satisfied.

Did this short story “Wow!” me? Not really. But I didn’t go into it expecting that. All I was looking for was a change of pace read that was light, fun, yet still a bit fantastical. “Solstice Day Gifts” definitely met those limited expectations, which is why I’d recommend it to anyone else who enjoys rom-com fantasies.

Buy the story at Amazon.

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