Interview with Wendell Adams (Bookwraiths)

S.C. Flynn graciously interviewed me over at his blog. Check it out.

S.C. Flynn

It’s interval time at the local Imax theater and I’m chatting with Wendell Adams, the overwhelmed blogger from Bookwraiths.

SCy-Fy: Your blog has a good following now, Wendell, but it was a struggle at first, wasn’t it?

WA: Honestly, the first nine months of my blogging experience were brutal. I’d spend hours tweaking my site, studying how to craft a proper review, and then finally writing what I hoped was a decent critique of these great SFF novels. The only problem was no one ever read them. If not for my family and friends giving my site mercy visits, my page views would have been zero most days. Even with those visits, my site stats were still horribly depressing.

The only thing that kept me going was the belief that I was going to find some really great books out of all of this. Hence the “Books! Where…

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3 Responses to Interview with Wendell Adams (Bookwraiths)

  1. S. C. Flynn says:

    We had fun, didn’t we, Wendell?


  2. As someone who follows your blog religiously, I thought it was funny to hear you talk down your influence and blog appeal 🙂


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