wolf of sigmarWolf of Sigmar by C.L. Werner

Genre: Fantasy – Warhammer

Series: Warhammer | The Black Plague #3

Publisher: Games Workshop (February 11, 2014)

Author Information: Website

Length: 416 pages

My Rating: 4 stars

Wolf of Sigmar is a thrilling, adrenaline-filled tale certain to satisfy the appetite of all Warhammer fantasy aficionados, as well as to excite readers who just appreciate damn good sword and sorcery.  This conclusion to The Black Plague trilogy truly among the very best Warhammer fantasy books I’ve read up to this point; C.L. Werner quickly rising into my handful of must read authors.

The black plague has brought the Empire low.  The vile skaven scurrying to take control over the scattered survivors.  The Empire’s remaining great cities have barred their gates, hoping and praying to their patron gods that the verminous forces of the ratmen will pass them by.  Only Graf Malldred of Middenheim has raised his armies, setting out not to defend but to attack; this youth’s soul a burning cauldron of hatred for the skaven; his only desire to sweep them from the Empire forever.  The crusade he undertakes drawing everyone — great, small and even legendary — to his side; the path he leads mankind onto a foreboding one, certain to be filled with grief, horror, treachery, sorrow, and, perhaps, hope.

While Malldred marches, the vile Kressig, hound of deceased Emperor Boris Goldgather, remains in the capital city of Altdorf, still posing as the Protector of the Empire.  His thoughts endlessly drawn to the whispers of this Wolf of Sigmar, and though his power is waning, Kressig still weaves his tangled web of lies, schemes, and blackmail.  The growing conflict between himself and the revitalized Church of Sigmar certain to lead down another path of darkness, despair, and tragedy before ever Graf Malldred appears.

For all  this activity by the Empire’s heroes and villains, the key to the survival of humankind might not even reside in their hands at all.  The perpetual struggles for power among the verminous hordes of the skaven holding out the best hope for the ratmen’s destruction.  The waning power of the Greyseers causing __- to devise a desperate plan to destroy their hated rivals, using captured humans to turn Pestilens’ greatest triumph into the means of their destruction.  For the Greyseer knows that if the plague were to begin killing the skaven, then nothing would keep the ratmen from turning on their own and tearing Pestilen apart limb from limb.

When all three books in a trilogy are great (like we have here) it is always difficult for me to choose my favorite of the trio.  But, without a doubt, I feel fine ranking Wolf of Sigmar as tops in The Black Plague series. C.L. Werner writing a mythical tale of war and hope, love and loss, triumph and treachery in classic Warhammer style.  His ability to maintain the relentless action, pacing, and tension of this tale amazing, as he still found time to add in more than a few emotional moments, tie up every plot, complete every character arc, and add to the Warhammer lore yet still leave mystery remaining as to where the Empire, the Skaven, and the survivors go from here.  This story truly a fitting and nearly flawless conclusion to this epic tale.

Obviously, if you’ve been enjoying the series so far, there is little chance you will not love this final installment. These characters, their struggles, and their passions are so real and heartbreaking that it is nearly impossible not to be drawn into this narrative.   And like all great conclusions, the final pages and scenes of Wolf of Sigmar are bittersweet, filled with satisfaction and sorrow, as you look back on all the things which have led your favorite characters to this final bow upon the stage.  Highly recommended for Warhammer fans and lovers of sword and sorcery.

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  1. Bookstooge says:

    I’ve been enjoying Werner’s Thanquol & Boneripper trilogy, so I might have to check this out…

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  2. savageddt says:

    Glad you liked the series, im so pissed at myself for selling my books way before i started my blog. I might have to do a GR copy paste thing for the sseries in general. Also i might have asked this before, but have you read Werner’s Wulfric before? I liked that a lot, he writes chaos so well

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  3. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Another book to put on my TBR – thanks to Bookwraiths the list is getting longer each week.

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