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No, I don’t usually write many movie reviews, but after seeing all the differing opinions on this recent DCEU release, I wanted to weigh in with my own feelings.

Obviously, this is a team-up film.  The various DC heroes having to be brought together to face a huge threat which requires all their abilities and powers to defeat.  While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set the stage for this fairly well, the first part of Justice League is spent finding and convincing everyone to deal with the threat of Steppenwolf, world destroyer from Apokolips.

Needless to say, there is quite a lot of action in this one.  Some of it exciting.  Much of it fairly pedestrian superhero stuff.  Mixed in is some humor, which works about half the time.  And there is more than a few attempts at serious soul searching and personal revelations from these heroes.

The real strength of the movie is the fine performances turned in by five of our six heroes.  Obviously, Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman, combining all the qualities of the legendary Amazonian Princess, so there really wasn’t any doubt she’d be great here as well.  What did surprise me was that Henry Cavill finally got Superman right, Ben Affleck’s Batman stopped annoying me, Ray Fisher somehow overcame very distracting CGI to turn Cyborg into an actual real person, and, last but not least, Jason Momoa stole the show with his portrayal of a Aquaman, who is just damn cool.  The only letdown among the group was Ezra Miller’s Flash who only seemed present for laughs, though I may be showing my prejudice since I still believe Grant Gustin is the real Barry Allen and should have been Flash in this movie.

The main weakness of Justice League can really be narrowed down to a sub-par villain.  Steppenwolf of Apokolips sounds like a real badass on paper, but he comes across as rather bland in this story.  His grand quest to destroy the world lacking any real tension or suspense.  All of which resulted in the plot feeling fairly uninspired and easy to anticipate.  But, at least, it wasn’t too serious or dark, right?  I mean, many people hated that about The Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so WB gave those fans Justice League light.

Overall, I’d say that this was a solid superhero film.  It doesn’t reinvent the genre, but it accomplishes what it set out to do: entertain.  It does this by focusing on action, humor and character camaraderie.  And I’d encourage other fans of these characters or solid superhero flicks to give it a shot.  If you go in expecting an entertaining film and not a epic movie for the ages, you will find yourself enjoying this one.

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11 Responses to JUSTICE LEAGUE

  1. Bookstooge says:

    Bookwraiths, setting the record straight!

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  2. Great to hear. Though I’m now confused on all the vague hatred I see about this movie.


    • Bookwraiths says:

      I guess some people were expecting too much from it. I mean, Justice League is just an action adventure movie at heart. I wouldn’t say the film is as good as the very best superhero movies, but it is definitely better than most. Guess it shows that you can’t please everyone no matter what you do. People bitched about Batman v Superman being too serious and dark, so they lightened it up this time and people are still unhappy. You can’t win.


      • Honestly, I think another part of it is that people feel like they have to choose sides with the Marvel vs DC thing. I noticed a lot of people bashing Justice League without having seen it and repeatedly bringing up Marvel. Seems a shame that so many refuse to enjoy both and just escape reality for a while.

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      • Bookwraiths says:

        I remember being that way when I was a teenager and in college. I was Marvel all the way back then. Hated DC. Glad I eventually outgrew it and learned to just appreciate good stories and great characters.


      • I was into the Marvel comics and DC cartoons back then. Loved both. Weird thing is I see so many people my age doing the one side or the other. As an author, it’s a little worrisome. Makes me wonder if the world requires competition for everything now.

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      • Bookwraiths says:

        True. Everything is an us against them mentality nowadays. Sad really. I blame the internet and the hormones in the meat. 🙂


      • I’m with you on the Internet one. Neutral on hormone meat since I never heard of that. Heard of hormones in milk though.


  3. It was actually better than I thought it was going to be. It had some flaws but it was a fun, enjoyable movie

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