Along my reading journey, I’ve made a conscious decision to not only read the fantasy novels on the shelves at my local Barnes and Nobles bookstore but to also try self-published, or indie, fantasy as often as I can.

Now, I know several of you are snickering in the background or rolling your eyes at my idiot crusade to bring a few good indie fantasy works to light. And believe me, I understand why you’d do that. Several years into this, I have to admit that I’ve probably stopped reading more indie faire than I’ve finished. But those that did keep my attention were novels which I feel were — or had the potential to be — above average fantasy novels, and I’d like to occasionally share those few with you in the hope that other people might also discover them.

So without any Stephen King disclaimers (Read my review of The Dark Tower Book VII to get the joke), here is my inaugural Indie Wednesday novel.


ASCENDANCY Once, upon the world of Obsidian, Immortals from the nether ruled all of humanity as living gods. Eventually, these beings turned one upon the other. After the Godswar was done, the Immortals were gone as was nearly all life on Obsidian. But those few who remained found that the Immortals had left behind one final gift: Aether.

With this invisible mist of energy, magic users arose among the survivors. They healed the land, calmed the seas, carved out continent wide kingdoms, and built civilization to heights never dreamed possible. And to keep another Godswar from occurring, they set up a system of control over Aether users, binding them to Ascendants and forcibly placing Unbound users into asylums for societies protection.

The Ascendancy System has allowed life to flourish upon Obsidian for generations. But now war is brewing. A conflict that might be as destructive as the Godswar itself. For the Crell Imperium and the Solarian Alliance are bracing for a continent wide conflict. One that will engulf the whole world in flames. And the spark that might ignite the cataclysm is an artifact none new existed but which all now wish to possess!

Sounds fairly good, doesn’t it? And surprisingly, it is actually good. Perhaps not Brandon Sanderson good but still an entertaining read. So check out my full review here and see if it is something that might be up your reading alley.

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  1. As you can imagine, I’m delighted by the news 🙂

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