My rating is 2 our of 5 stars.

Xandria is a kingdom of refugees, formed by the remnant of the mighty kingdom of Illria after its horrendous destruction. But whatever peace the people of Xandria found in their new homes is brief, because in this land of milk and honey they are confronted by the primitive and brutal Grishnaki tribes, who ever tried to enslave or destroy them. War engulfs the two peoples war for many years until finally an uneasy truce asserts itself. But how long will it last?

One fine morning King Jekoniah and Prince Kiriath are out for an early morning ride, enjoying the peaceful countryside surrounding the capital city of Shiralla when the fragile peace shatters. Naturally the two are not expecting trouble so near to their home, and when hundreds of Grishnaki burst from the forests and ambush father and son, they are too far away from their protectors and unable to fight such overwhelming numbers. Thus, King Jekoniah is carried away by his enemies, while Prince Kiriath is left for dead.

When Prince Kiriath overcomes his injuries and returns home, he finds all in turmoil at his and his father’s disappearance. But before any rescue can be fully begun, things become even more muddled as a Grishnaki ambassador comes to the capital with a ransom proposal. All the primitives wish is a simple thing: teach them the way of steel and King Jekoniah will live. And while news that his father has survived is pleasing to Kiriath’s ears, he knows the ransom price is too great and would lead to the eventual destruction of his land.

The tale that follows is a fantasy adventure starring the reluctant hero Kiriath as he sets off on a quest to rescue his father in the impenetrable fortress valley of Dar-kon, mightiest of the Grishnaki kings. Naturally, the young prince does not go alone but with his truest friend Brand – and an unexpected companion. Along the way, Kiriath faces legendary monsters, discovers long dead civilizations and begins to uncover the intangible qualities that will someday make him a wise and mighty King of Xandria.

All in all, this novel is a fine read if you understand what it is: standard fantasy that is tailored more toward new readers or young adults. As long as you understand it is not grimdark fantasy but more the light fantasy variety then you will not be disappointed. Indeed, for this type of tale, Kiriath’s Quest is a solid piece of workmanship, filled with fantastical adventure, interesting characters, and even a rousing battle at the end. Well worth a try.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’d like to thank Netgalley for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.

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