Great Post About John Marco’s Tyrants and Kings Series

908330The Tyrant and Kings trilogy by John Marco is one of the most overlooked epic fantasy series in recent memory and has always been a personal favorite of mine. However, I’ve never found time to sit down and write a review about it. Perhaps it has been my busy life or my innate laziness or any number of things, but after reading the review linked below I really do not believe I need to even attempt to express my feelings because this review does it so well.

Take a look and find out why you need to give this underappreciate epic fantasy a try.

Tyrants and Kings Reviewed by SFSignal

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4 Responses to Great Post About John Marco’s Tyrants and Kings Series

  1. MidnightPageTurners says:

    I see you review a lot of fantasy, have you read the grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugho? It really is amazing and so detailed and unique to all the other stuff out there, and the flaws of the heroine is so refreshing what with all the perfect ones I tend to see in books.


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