Book Review – Speaker for the Dead

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speakerforthedeadSpeaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card is the second book in Ender’s Saga. What we have here is the sequel to the popular Ender’s Game, where Ender Wiggins has defeated the Buggers and promptly disappeared.  This takes place around 3000 years after the Bugger War, and Ender is back.  If you’re expecting more of the same as Ender’s Game, you have a big surprise coming.  It’s nothing like the original book.  It may even be better.

Ender Wiggin is now a Speaker for the Dead, a non-denominational non-religious person who digs up information about the recently dead and publically gives their life story from an unbiased position.  That means the good and the bad are laid out for everyone to hear.  He’s older than he was in Ender’s Game, and his sister Valentine is also older, having travelled with him, and so they are…

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