Wounded Warrior Fizzled

My rating is 1 out of 5 stars.

A Vietnam vet lives alone in the country. He seems normal enough, but he has a secret you see: there is a door in his home that opens onto another world.

This portal to the other place is his most guarded secret understand.

Our Nam survivor once had numerous life-threatening illnesses. The kind that would eat away at you from the inside out, leaving a man a drooling shell of himself. He had beaten the odds and survived though, just like he had done in Nam. Except this time his survival was more than luck or caution, but the arrangement he made with those he had discovered on the other side of the door.

His part of their bargain is simple really: periodically someone must pass through the door into the other world.

Just a small thing. Not even hard to accomplish.

There are always those people confused about their place in this world, desperately seeking something magical. Those people respond to the advertisements he runs. Usually, they seem to be war veterans like him except from Iraq or Afghanistan, and many times they are addicted to the fantastical computer games indulged in by the younger generation. Every one of them eager to leave this dreary “normalcy” of the modern world for something fantastical.It is these people who find their way to his home and voluntarily go through the door, never to return again.

Who is he to say they meet a horrid end?

How would he even know.

But what he does know is that his latest victi . . . volunteer has arrived, eager to begin his journey, and once he steps through the doorway, the illness will be kept at bay for a while longer. For that miracle, a few strangers disappearing forever is not too high a price to pay.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Sounded like a pretty good story to me. At least, that is what I thought when I downloaded it. In fact, I got a bit psyched about reading it, hoping for a diamond in the rough discovery. When I actually tried to read this e-book however, I only got through the first couple chapters before I deleted it from my e-reader. The writing was atrocious. The plot was high on potential and low on delivery. A good story idea soon became banished to the refuse heap of my life.

Oh well. You win some you lose some I guess

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